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IGCSE Subject Option Block (August 2018)

IGCSE Subject Option Blocks – August 2018

In Years 10 & 11, students at Bangkok Prep will be studying towards the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. There are a number of compulsory subjects (Mathematics, English and Science) as well as a choice of subject option blocks that the students can elect to study.

Students must also select one World Language option:

  • French (as a foreign language)
  • Japanese (as a first language)
  • Mandarin (as a foreign language)
  • Spanish (as a foreign language)
  • Thai (as a first language)

Those registered under a Thai passport, must select Thai as their World Language option.

Students must then choose one option from each block:


Block A Block B Block C
Business Studies Business Studies Art
Geography Drama Business Studies
History DT Computing
PE Geography∗ DT
Photography Mandarin French
Music History
Learning Support

Please note:

  • Students cannot study Art and Photography.
  • Students cannot study the same subject in more than one option block.
  • Learning Support can only be selected as an option by those enrolled on the Learning Support programme.
  • You cannot select Mandarin or French if it has been chosen as a World Language option.


Please feel free to contact us at or call us on 02 – 260-7890 ext. 207 (Ms. Ranee) or 205 (Mr. Mike) should you have any other questions.

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