Scholarships for Y12 &Y13 Enrolment

External Scholarships for Year 12** Enrolment
(August 2014)

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School (Bangkok Prep) is proud to announce a scholarship scheme for students' entry to Year 12** (aged 16+) in August 2014 with outstanding achievements according to the academic , sports and music criteria.

- All application packs must be “hand-delivered” to the school by the applicant.  The pack must include a completed application form (downloadable by clicking here) and the following documents:

  • 300-word statement addressing eligibility criteria
  • Current school records
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Applications endorsement/ ie. portfolio, certificate of achievements
The full application must be submitted on or before Fri, 28th February 2014 (extended due to political disruptions)
- Interview & Assessment
  • The school will contact short-listed applicants to arrange for on-line testing, written assessments and interviews to take place.
  • The interview panel will consist of: Headmaster/ License Holder/ Head of Secondary/ Head of Primary/ Head of Admissions
- Announcement of Successful Scholarship Candidates
  • will be posted on the school website.
  • phone contact to parents from the school admissions office.
Benefits and Conditions:
**Successful Year 12 scholars must remain enrolled until Year 13 completion.                 (2-year enrolment is obligatory)
-Scholarship or partial scholarships with 1 year tenure, renewal dependent upon ongoing successful academic achievement
- Other eligible high performing candidates will be given priority entrance to the school.
-Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
If you have any queries regarding the procedure, please call us at 02-260-7890,   Attn:  Ms. Ranee (ext. 104) or Mr. Mike (ext. 105) or email us at: