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Residential Trips and Field Trips

An essential part of the British curriculum taught at Bangkok Prep, are the lessons learned while on field trips and residential trips during the year. From Year 1 to Year 2 children take part in field trips while from Year 3 until Year 13 students enjoy residential trips in Thailand, always accompanied by an appropriate number of teachers and supervising adults. These experiences are crucial to a child’s development as they enable individuals to think independently, allow students to learn about local communities, socialise outside the school environment; foster lifelong friendships and lasting memories.

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League Tournaments

As a member of TISAC (Thailand International School Activity Conference) and of FOBISIA (Federation of British International School in Asia), Bangkok Prep students take part in national and regional sports and academic tournaments every year, joining hundreds of leading international schools in Thailand and Asia. These tournaments include football, basketball, sailing, tennis, mathematics, dance, swimming to name a few. Bangkok Prep ranks as a top school in both leagues proving that balancing academic and sports are successful. Some of these tournaments have taken our teams to Malaysia, China, and Vietnam on more than one occasion. Bangkok Prep also hosted two FOBISIA tournaments in 2014 and 2013 welcoming participants, their families and teachers from many international schools in the region.

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