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After School Activities


Bangkok Prep strives to provide a well-rounded After School Activities Programme for Primary and Secondary students. The programme is a great opportunity for students to learn and develop a range of skills through ‘hands-on’ learning.  A wide variety of clubs are available which aim to be stimulating, exciting and a productive way of developing new skills and friendships. 

There are currently over 100 clubs such as Bowling, Tennis, Photography, Rock Band, and much more. In addition to this there are Specialist Training Programmes such as Swimming, Basketball, Football, Badminton, and more, depending on the season.   



FOBISIA U-13Games (339)

Bangkok Prep parents can access ASA information and key dates in Firefly

All queries in regard to the ASA programme can be emailed to:
o Primary: Khun Book, Afterschool Activities Coordinator S53
o Secondary: Khun Pu, Activity and Facility Coordinator T77,
o Genevieve Ahl, Senior Services Manager,


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