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Our Students

Our Students

Graduating student giving an inspirational speech for his classmates and families attending the ceremonyTen  year old student scoring a point during a school basketball gameWith more than 42 nationalities, students at Bangkok Prep develop their own sense of identity whilst recognising and empathising with other cultures, traditions and beliefs. Our student body – now well over 800 students – take interest in a wide variety of subjects and activities including academic subjects and sports.

In both sections of the school, Primary and Secondary students are achieving extremely well, developing their interests and aptitudes, in and outside the classroom. They also shine on the sports field with accomplishments in sailing, football, golf, swimming, tennis, and more, providing the school’s strategy of balancing academics with sports has been successful. Over the years, our students have achieved tremendously and reached top results.

Some were honoured recipient of the prestigious Cambridge Learners Award for their performance in the Cambridge examinations series.

At Bangkok Prep, the children have opportunities to engage in humanitarian causes while raising their awareness on environmental issues through the Eco Team which is composed of Secondary and Primary students. We also provide opportunities for our students to develop a sense of leadership by joining our Student Councils or by becoming a prefect or even a Head Boy/Girl, Deputy Head Girl/Boy in the Secondary School. Fundraising activities are often student-led events fostering ownership, responsibility and empathy.

Young blonde student raising her hand to ask her teacher a questionOlder student volunteering to teach young children in ThailandAt Bangkok Prep, we believe a successful student is also emotionally mature and has a ‘rounded’ education so that they are prepared for independence at university. To this end students are expected to engage in community service projects and discuss wider issues through our Personal, Social and Health education (PSHE) programme.



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