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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To be an outstanding learning community that is internationally-minded, inspiring all members to achieve their potential.

Our Mission

At Bangkok Prep we will ensure that:

  • Learners will reach their full potential both academically and in preparation for life beyond Bangkok Prep.
  • We will provide an enriched curriculum in which innovation, sustainability, creativity and health are highlighted.
  • We will inspire students to achieve their best through collaborative learning in a safe and enjoyable learning environment.
  • We will develop globally minded, passionate learners who uphold the Bangkok Prep Life Values of being honest, holding high moral standards and having integrity and empathy towards others.

Our Values

The Bangkok Prep Life Values were devised after discussions with representative from staff, students and parent representatives. Throughout the year there will be a “Value of the Month”; this involves a monthly focus on each 11 values. Each Life Value reflects a core value that the school believe will assist our students to become positive, involved and caring children who aspire to be the best that they can be, socially and academically. 

11 Bangkok Prep Life Values
Bangkok-Prep-Life-Values - cropped



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