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Our Families

Our Families

The Friends of Bangkok Prep (FOBP) is a very active volunteer parent body that aims to foster a strong community spirit, reflecting the school’s cultural diversity, by developing and supporting several activities and events for the children and parents at Bangkok Prep in collaboration with the school. The FOBP is a dedicated and hard-working team of parents who seek to support the school community and the students by providing opportunities for recreational and fundraising activities during the course of the year.
The role of FOBP is vital to the good function of the school – parents volunteer are a visible presence on campus both helping out with events and helping in the classroom.
The school believes that parents have a very important role to play in the education of their children and that the best academic results are achieved when the school, the parents and the students all work together to try and achieve clearly stated common goals.
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Mom with her child at a Bangkok Prep event The Role of the Friends of Bangkok Prep (FOBP)

FOBP is very active volunteer parent body with the sole purpose of:

  • Promoting goodwill
  • Facilitating parental interaction with the school
  • Supporting the school with events, and
  • Supporting charitable causes

Four moms meeting and making friends at a Bangkok Prep eventNew and Returning Parents Information

FOBP organises coffee mornings at the beginning of each school year and the beginning of each term, in order to introduce new parents to the members of our school community. They support special days and get involved in many international school events. Besides, it is also a good opportunity to meet up with parents, build social ties and discuss ideas that you have for the school.

Parent VGroup of parents getting involved at their childs primary schoololunteers

Interested parents can help organise a specific event or speak on a subject of interest. If you have a professional background or specialised knowledge in any area that would be of interest or use to our school community, please contact us at The Parent Association represents you, so please be a part of it.

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